Singapore is fast becoming an exceedingly coveted destination for abroad education. Students from Asia and all over the world are keen to study in Singapore for various postgraduate as well as undergraduate programs. Some of the most popular choices are degrees in law as well as engineering and management. Singapore is also a favoured destination for students who are looking to work and settle in the country.

Benefits of Study in Singapore

Though not quite the same as study in USA or UK, Singapore comes with its own unique set of benefits for international students who decide on taking up a graduate study program in the country

1.The cost of tuitions as well as the living expenses is quite low when compared with other abroad education destinations
2.Students from India prefer the lesser time it takes to travel to the country as compared to studying in USA or UK
3.There is a strong Indian presence in the country so you can feel at home
4.The quality of academics is on par with some of the most developed countries such as USA, UK and Canada
5.Students can study in a safe and secure environment in a politically and economically stable country
6.You can even study joint degree courses from American and Australian universities which have tied up with Singapore universities

Features Of Study In Singapore

1.The intakes for the admission period can change depending on the institution you are applying for
2.Some universities have two intake periods during the year for their graduate and postgraduate programs
3.Some universities take students every quarter while some take new students every month.
4.Singapore universities are also excellent for conducting research and are strong on academic

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