UK has a proud history of world’s best leaders, business creators, academicians and artists. It is the best known for housing traditional universities like University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and others which roots back in the 12 th and 13 th century. UK is one of the safest countries with the highest number of international students from multi-cultural background. Students can choose course from wide range of Traditional universities or Modern universities with advanced research techniques and excellent teaching facilities. UK universities are ranked among the highest in the top 100 by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. UK degrees are more intensive with shorter duration and international recognition that make their resume stand out to future employers.UK is a unitary state comprising of four constituent countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England is economically the most advanced amongst the 4 regions, and offers very good opportunities. With a sizable Indian population, it is a favoured destination amongst many Indian students. It is a multicultural society with all religions represented in some way and open to new cultures and traditions. Studying in the United Kingdom for Indian students with 2 years’ post study work visa would be definitely one of the big journeys.

UK has a large number of excellent Universities offering a wide variety of programs in almost every field. International students have always been a part of the education system and the numbers are now steadily increasing. There are a number of scholarships and waivers that are available to students planning to study in UK.

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